handmade jewelry

Roselins from Roselins Jewelry

I’ve been in the jewelry industry for over 30 years, and during that time I’ve dealt with and handled all types of jewelry. I’m now excited to lend that expertise to helping my clients find the jewelry of their dreams.


My favorite necklaces are Buccellati diamond necklaces. They’re very rare and are packed with both detail and character.


There are so many earrings that I love, but the top choices for me are Aldo Cipullo Onyx earrings and Harry Winston Drop Earrings (ideally with cabochon emerald or ruby).


Brooches aren’t my thing. I’ve sold and advised about a few other years, but they aren’t my specialty.


Art Deco Rings are my favorite, but the truth is that all rings, spanning from Victorian (1850s) until Retro (1950) all fascinate me. My favorite collectors for antique rings are Estate Diamond Jewelry.


Like brooches, pins aren’t my specialty and I don’t really understand them. I’ve seen a few interesting antique brooches over the years, but generally speaking, I shy away from anything that can poke…


I love bracelets. It is my favorite type of jewelry piece and it is also the type of jewelry piece that I move and sell most. My favorite type of bracelets is Cartier Tutti Frutti Bracelets, Buccellati Bangels, and Tiffany Tennis Bracelets.


Pendants are fun. They aren’t so popular and so I don’t get my hands on too many spectacular pendants, but when I do, they usually get sold very quickly.


I sell anything from colored diamonds to Colombian emeralds. My favorite gemstones are gem-quality sapphire and blue diamonds.